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College OR a job. AP classes OR internships. College prep courses OR work-based learning. Too many young people face an “OR” in high school. They’re deemed college material, or not. They’re urged to attend college or train for a trade. But research shows equity exists in uniting college AND career to ready all youth for lifelong success. Learn how K12 and postsecondary leaders can join with industry to kickstart education that keeps students linked to their aspirations through COVID and beyond.

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  1. Activate partnerships across K-12, postsecondary and workforce to develop a clear path to both college AND career.
  2. Develop relevant projects rooted in community, meaningful virtual work-based learning experiences, and remote accelerated college opportunities.
  3. Join the movement to Keep Students Linked and scale experiential learning opportunities connected to college and career in your community.



Rachel Zaentz, Vice President, Communications, Linked Learning Alliance

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