SXSW 2021

Content Moderation: Beyond Take-Down/Leave-Up


Between a global pandemic, the US Presidential election, and a growing racial justice movement, communication online has never been more important. Therefore, it is not surprising that the tech industry's content moderation practices have come under intense scrutiny globally from users and lawmakers. In response, companies have tried to explain the nuanced policies underpinning what stays up and what comes down. The difficulty of moderating content at scale is not lost on our panelists who will explore how different companies are exploring new approaches to what can seem like a binary decision. Panelists from Twitter, Patreon, the Facebook Oversight Board, and Techdirt will discuss how companies should be communicating these decisions and the future of content moderation.

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  1. Can there be nuance in content moderation at scale or are we doomed to live in a world of binary choices between taking down or leaving up content?
  2. What are companies doing to give users more context surrounding content moderation decisions? How are users responding?
  3. How should policymakers in the US and globally be thinking about regulating content moderation and is anyone getting it right?



Rachel Wolbers, Public Policy Manager, The Oversight Board

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