SXSW 2021

Patents and Business, Building a Better Tomorrow


In order to build a better tomorrow, we must learn from our past. Patents help people improve upon ideas that may or may not have been previously successful. Patents also protect ideas so that people have the flexibility to develop and improve them. They provide security to businesses on a global scale. So if you’re wondering: how you can ensure no one steals your ideas, what resources and skills you need to bring your ideas to life, how to create a marketable business out of intellectual property, and how to protect your ideas on a global scale, this panel is for you. Representatives from the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) and the United States Chamber of Commerce will discuss resources and services aimed at single inventors, micro entities, and small businesses.

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  1. Why it is essential to protect your intellectual property
  2. How to protect your intellectual property on a national and global scale
  3. The benefits of protecting your IP; for you, the economy, and innovation



Paul Fucito, Press Secretary, US Patent & Trademark Office

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