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SXSW 2021

Transformational Change in Legacy Companies

How can leaders of disruptive change within legacy organizations enact and sustain change from within, in the face of long-standing organizational challenges in the workplace -- alongside the new global landscape we’re facing? When COVID19 hit, new strategies and tools had to be added to foundations already in place to help legacy companies step up to the emergency – providing a pragmatic toolkit for this brave new world of remote working, alternate collaborative strategies, and online interactions. Transformative leadership post-Covid needs to design organizations for a world that is currently “remote”, in all senses. A high powered panel of transformational change-makers open up on a new era of spotting and developing talent, culture, trust and building collaborative networks of wisdom.

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  1. 1. How do you creatively redesign work environments to adapt to remote teams, while retaining authentic human interaction ?
  2. What strategies and educational tools are necessary for moving forward to innovate in a Post-COVID world ?
  3. How companies already pushing transformational change were more prepared to face CV19 and what learnings they have uncovered.



Christie Dames, CEO, TechTalk/Studio

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