Empowered Aging Through the Digital Village


Older adults are at risk for health issues due to isolation which is heightened by COVID-19.
While digital tech usage is increasing during COVID, what are we doing to enhance tech to improve the lives of our vulnerable communities? By creating a platform to connect with "buddies" and healthcare providers, Uzelink features empower physical, social, and mental wellness for older adults. The path forward is analyzing trends to develop tailored intervention and prevention strategies for the Uzer.

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  1. The learner will understand the ways in which "It takes a village to age independently"
  2. The learner will distinguish how "Technology can create a digital village that enhances connection for older adults"
  3. The learner will evaluate how "Trends in individual health data can illuminate the path along the journey of independent living"


  • Emily Balog, PhD candidate; occupational therapist, Uzelink
  • Ber Kirchner, Co-Founder, Uzelink


Emily Balog, PhD candidate; occupational therapist, Uzelink

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