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SXSW 2021

The Future is Accessible: Accessibility in XR

XR is redefining what we consider reality - creating the potential for entirely new mediums and means of expression. This paradigm-shifting technology allows users to experience entire worlds and alter their perceptions of reality. For XR technology to reach its full potential, it needs to be accessible. As we develop VR, AR, and other spatial computing experiences, we have the opportunity to create technologies that are accessible from the start. As workplace and educational paradigms become increasingly digital-forward, ensuring users of all abilities can avail themselves of XR technology is more important than ever. Hear from industry experts, academics, and creators on the current state of accessibility in XR and what we can do to ensure the future of XR is for everyone.

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  1. Inclusive design creates better products - for users with and without disabilities.
  2. XR use in schools and workplaces is on the rise, and we need to ensure whole communities are not alienated from these experiences.
  3. XR manufacturers and developers are committed to baking accessibility into immersive experiences.


  • Elizabeth Hyman, CEO, XR Association
  • Christopher Patnoe, Head of Accessibility Programs and Disability Inclusion, Google
  • Christian Vogler, Professor/Director Technology Access Program, Gallaudet University
  • Andrew Eiche, COOwl (Chief Operating Owl) & Cable Slinger, Owlchemy Labs


Elizabeth Hyman, CEO, XR Association

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