SXSW 2021

Harnessing Data to Reach Your Social Impact Goals


While it's true technology today is responsible for much gloom and doom, it may also be our only hope for reversing industrialization's effects on climate change and creating more equitable futures globally. We'll be chatting with design professionals at leading organizations such as Google and Microsoft who are working on teams using data to fight future disease outbreaks and help build more resilient, productive food systems.

What can be learned from their findings about the power data has to affect change? How can you implement the use of data within your own company or practice to successfully contribute to social good? This panel will answer these questions of how data can speed up research and optimize observations in order to tackle urgent social impact issues.

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  1. What research methods did designers on these teams use to achieve their goals?
  2. What did they learn throughout their research about how to best utilize data to create impact?
  3. In what ways can organizations of any size use data to begin to scale their environmental impact and tackle real-world problems?


  • Allison Fonder, Senior Producer, Core77
  • Oleha Riden, Principal, MistyWest


Allison Fonder, Senior Producer, Core77

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