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SXSW 2021

Social Justice in a New Era

The modern model of activism relies on podcasting to tell the stories. Social media to amplify its message. Show people where to be via Instagram. Describe what's going on there with Twitter. Explain your ideals on TikTok. These platforms connect audiences and empower activists. In the spring of 2020 during NY's BLM protests, people who were stuck on a bridge, blockaded on both sides by NYPD, used Twitter to cry for help. AOC saw their tweets and helped them. The democratization of access has transformed activism. How has this happened and how can these tools continue to empower and help turn moments into movements while creating the power to make real change? This panel will explore.

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  1. How to use these platforms to create opportunities for tangible change
  2. How to effectively and safely mobilize groups of people even during times of social distancing
  3. What role independent voices must take during this current political and social climate



Chris Colbert, CEO, DCP Entertainment

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