SXSW 2021

Time Machines, Museums and the Future of the Past


As museums integrate the use of VR, 3D and haptic technologies to tell their stories, the concept of time travel becomes a reality – not only backwards but forwards too. We rely on museums to bring the past to life, but AI offers the possibility to use archives and collections to predict, create and inhabit future worlds. Museums are using immersive technologies to offer unprecedented interactivity with important moments of history and artists are using machine learning to work with archives and collections to create future worlds. How will the role of museums change if they anticipate the future as well as represent the past? How will AI affect the nature of collecting and the way we use collections, including perhaps our own personal archives?

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  1. How immersive technologies and AI are set to alter the visitor experience in museums, providing unprecedented opportunities for audiences
  2. How museums must reconsider the value and ethical use of their collections and archives in the context of machine learning and AI applications
  3. How artists are leading the way in deploying archives and collections material to design future scenarios using machine learning technologies



Crispin Parry, CEO, British Underground

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