SXSW 2021

How to Build Belonging in the Workplace


As many workplaces swiftly moved from in-person to virtual last year, employers identified a new challenge in connecting teams and fostering a sense of belonging. Combined with the compounded crises of the pandemic, the economic fallout and the fight for social justice, employers need to provide new resources and support to their teams. This panel will be an unfiltered conversation about how to build belonging and empower a diverse workforce in 2021 and beyond.

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  1. With employees working from home burning out faster than ever, workplaces need to innovate the resources and support they provide to their teams.
  2. New employees onboarding may feel more disconnected or have trouble feeling connected to their teams virtually.
  3. The pandemic and fight for social justice has provided an opportunity to create a more inclusive and diverse workforce.


  • LaFawn Davis, Group Vice President of Environmental, Social & Governance, Indeed
  • Marra Ackerman, Psychiatrist, NYU Langone
  • Melissa Thomas-Hunt, Head of Global Diversity and Belonging, Airbnb


Kristen Gehring, PR Manager, Indeed

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