SXSW 2021

Psychology in Architectural Design


A panel discussion with a psychologist, architect, and interior designer on recent exploratory research in environmental psychology.
Experiences happen in spaces; can the space shape the experience? How can we design spaces that encourage healing, learning, and productivity?

Dr. Sam Gosling, with the Department of Psychology at the University of Texas at Austin in collaboration with Joel Anderson, Architect and Principal and Stacey Speck at Cushing Terrell, a multi-disciplinary design firm, along with Tami Glass, Austin based interior designer and UT professor, will discuss their research to better understand emotions people value in different spaces of the built environment. This research focuses on common areas in offices, health care facilities, education, and retail spaces.

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  1. Insights from psychology and design perspectives and opportunities for new design practice and process methods.
  2. How personality traits correlate to desired ambiances in Office, Retail, Health Care, and Education spaces.
  3. How age, gender, ethnicity, geography, and professional experience correlate to desired ambiances in environments.



Stacey Speck, Regional Marketing Director, Cushing Terrell

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