SXSW 2021

The Interplay Between Music & Visual Culture


The relationship between music and visual art isn’t new. However, with audiences today primarily searching and consuming in the context of platforms like Instagram & TikTok, and the public’s growing fascination with creative technology, the inextricable link of music and image raises new questions, concerns, and opportunities. Musicians connect with audiences not just through their music, but also visually. Visual arts (film, performance, installation) often rely on music to complete the experience. Music + visual media collaborations can push forward both realms, resulting in something greater than the sum of its parts. In this conversation, artists, musicians, and creative technologists discuss their unique perspectives on the interplay between music and visual culture in their work.

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  1. Dive into the formation of identity and culture in audio & visual ecosystems, AR & CGI artists infiltrating music scenes, popular aesthetic, and more.
  2. Gain insight into a musicians’ process on representing their work visually, visual artists working with musicians to create multisensory experiences.
  3. Hear award-winning artist’s strategies on how to make audiovisual collaborations push forward all partners work, creativity & drive new opportunities.



Sandira Blas, Sr. Curator & Researcher, Head of Creative Innovation, Factory Berlin

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