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Re-imagining Education: CT, Equity & Engagement

Against a backdrop of challenges facing school districts and our nation, how can we lean into the equity challenge of realistically addressing “computing for all” in K-12 education? As districts lean into the opportunities of the pandemic to rethink education, we’ll leverage timely research and real-world practices to address two persistent yet often overlooked questions: 1.What does “computing for all” look like in the average classroom? 2.What support is needed to ensure educational equity?

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  1. Gain new insights about how to effectively integrate computing activities and computational thinking across the curriculum in all content areas
  2. Learn about the views of students, parents and educators on the value of computing experiences especially those from under-resourced communities
  3. Examine new models for supporting teachers and administrators in implementing coding and computational thinking experiences for all students



Kari Stubbs PhD, VP, Strategic Alliances, BrainPOP

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