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SXSW 2021

Chasing Equity: Quantifying An Inclusive Future

We can never fully quantify the culture that never was–the never-told stories and lost products, ideas and innovation that didn’t happen or will never be seen because marginalized voices have been excluded and eliminated.

But, we can quantify the cost to your brand of lagging behind on issues of diversity, equity and inclusion. How will lagging behind impact the relevance of your brand and your bottom line? What will you lose? More importantly, if done well–if you lead–what possibilities open up? What can your brand stand for and how can you contribute to a preferred future?

Join leaders from media, advertising and culture discussing the roadmap for brands to embrace diversity beyond the organizational level. It is the only path forward.

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  1. The business case for diversity, at least internally, is well established. Now, brands need to make authentic impact with their customers and society.
  2. The customers of the future hold multifaceted identities the likes of which have not been quantified in the market to date.
  3. AI tools, with human intelligence, reveal the next audiences are large, eager to spend, and not going anywhere.



Aaron Poor, Marketing Coordinator, sparks & honey

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