SXSW 2021

LGBTQ+ Short Play Reading Series on Zoom


Since live-theatre is on hold for the immediate future, performing artists, directors, writers, and producers have had to think outside of the box to reinvent theatrical experiences with Zoom performances. They are a mesh of live theatre, film, video, and radio used to create its own category of performance. Because of both recent challenges and achievements in the LGBTQ+ community, performing artists are needing ways to execute their ideas and promote important issues through many different mediums including plays. Zoom gives the opportunity to create a worldwide, online community for those that want to explore social issues around race, sexual orientation, and gender by connecting those from all over the planet through reinventing performance in an online setting.

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  1. Zoom performances generate unique opportunities that create worldwide cultural communities that couldn't be achieved through live productions.
  2. Social ideas can be expressed by creating compelling stories and characters that connect the emotionality of any given situation to a wide audience.
  3. Zoom performances are a new and unique medium for which its benefits are apparent and will likely continue after we return to live performances.



Aaron Leventman, Creative Director, Almost Adults Productions

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