SXSW 2021

Explaining The Impact of Esports On Entertainment


Esports is a platform unlike any other - an intersection for sport, entertainment, music, fashion, and more - with the power of a young, diverse, highly-engaged and affluent audience. This session will examine the massive impact Esports have had on the entertainment landscape, with a focus on 2020. Then we will fast forward to the biggest shifts we foresee from virtual events and social connectivity to brand advertising and fan-engagement in the next one, five, ten years and beyond. The impact of esports will affect not only traditional sports, but the wider cultural landscape because of its potential to become a leading medium for direct connection. This can be peer to peer, artist to fan or brand to consumer. In our current virtual world, the potential for esports is only just beginning.

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  1. Showcase how esports use digital formats to provide competitive entertainment in a virtual world, without the restrictions faced by traditional sports
  2. Examine how versatility has accelerated the growth of Esports during COVID and what the future growth of the space looks like beyond the pandemic.
  3. Predict how Esports will continue to have a massive impact and forecast trends for what those look like across all sectors of entertainment.



Johanna Faries, Commissioner, Call Of Duty League, Activison Blizzard

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