SXSW 2021

DIY Healthcare: From Seed to Self Reliance


People are tired of feeling disempowered with their health and wellness. Even prior to COVID, the public was growing increasingly suspicious of the motivations behind unprecedented prescribing of potentially dangerous pharmaceutical drugs. Interest in alternative approaches to health has taken the form of cannabis legalization, interest in psychedelic medicines and a growing market for plant and earth medicines. On top of this, COVID has forced people to stay home, resulting in an explosion of home food cultivation and other DIY projects. This session will explore the future of wellness and therapeutic plants through a lens of technology and online learning. What will the future of wellness look like, and who will be responsible for yours? We argue that you can be in charge.

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  1. Education around the home production and processing of plant and earth medicines is fragmented and rampant with misguided and inaccurate information.
  2. Self determination and community in health and wellness is a key part of the therapeutic process, as evidenced by early medical cannabis dispensaries.
  3. The community garden movement is a great example of the decentralization of nutrition. We can build on it for plant medicine in the garden and online



Amanda Reiman, CEO & Founder, Personal Plants

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