SXSW 2021

Future Hybrid: How Virtuality Changes Live Music


When COVID hit, live streams, rap battles, and intimate concerts swarmed the web. The virtual music universe was forced to accelerate faster than ever before and deliver fans at-home experiences in new and innovative ways. Now, as live music starts to return slowly and safely, it will forever be changed by it’s virtual counterparts. The leaders on this panel believe in a future that blends IRL and digital. At the crossroads of virtual and live music, lives an amazing potential for innovation, and a whole new landscape filled with endless possibilities. In this panel, we’ll hear from leading platforms and brands in the virtual and live space about how they are thinking about the future of live and virtual experience - as 1 holistic roadmap.

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  1. Virtual and live can work together to produce innovative music experiences for fans
  2. The future of live music will not just be typical touring and live shows. AI, VR, virtual tickets and options will be the new normal.
  3. We have learned some significant things from virtual live music experiences when it comes to understanding audiences and keeping them engaged



Sari Kohen, Director of Conferences, SpinLab Communications

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