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Rescuing Democracy: Civic Engagement Is Our Future

It was Benjamin Franklin when asked about the government he was framing, who said, “A republic madam, if you can keep it.” We live in the midst of a toxic political atmosphere filled with social unrest, but what if the future could be different and our educators could lead the way? Delving into the intersection of civic engagement, digital citizenship, social media & critical thinking in 21st century K-12 settings, this panel will explore how we can continue to build better civic education.

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  1. Acknowledge the current climate and obstacles to civic engagement, education & youth participation
  2. Empower young students to be smart, safe, effective & responsible users of the online and physical spaces they inhabit
  3. Understand social media’s role in influencing students’ beliefs & wellbeing, the negative consequences, & strategies for combating those consequences



Rachel Stoczko, Communications Lead, N/A

Meta Information:

  • Tags: media literacy, student voice
  • Event: EDU
  • Format: Talk
  • Track: Media & Public Engagement
  • Session Focus Area
  • Level: Basic Understanding
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