SXSW 2021

Defying Location and Breaking Boundaries


As physical and virtual experience designers, we have a responsibility to inhabit communities, inspire curiosity, bring people together and gift intrinsic value to every participant. In a world that requires social distancing and the lack of physical touch, what does the future of experience look like? How can we evoke the senses in new ways, inducing wonder and play in a world that’s now virtual?

In this talk, experience designers and creative directors, Aline Ridolfi and Sally Reynolds will explore innovative techniques, strategies and technologies that will prevail post-quarantine, and delve into their predictions for the (near) future of experiences, both human and virtual.

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  1. How can we develop truly engaging virtual experiences and worlds that defy location and bring people together?
  2. What storytelling techniques and technologies that have been adopted during quarantine will prevail?
  3. In the new world, what will replace touch and physical proximity?


  • Aline Ridolfi, Creative Director, The Mill
  • Sally Reynolds, Creative Director, The Mill


Isabelle du Plessis, Global Head of PR, The Mill

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