SXSW 2021

The Stoners and The Suits: Building Bridges


As the “stoners” legalize weed in more states and the “suits” reap most of the benefits from the laws changing, conflict between stoners and suits persist. The suits are now engaging law enforcement to protect their licenses and investments from illicit operators, who are often stoners who could not overcome barriers of entry to obtain licenses. In my 35 years of cannabis entrepreneurship, I’ve been both a “stoner” and a “suit.” In this talk, I offer solutions for stoners and suits to build trust by working together to overcome common adversaries (elected officials/political parties) and identical obstacles (bad public policy). I know how to build those bridges because I’ve already done it myself and now I want to share how to scale that transformation across the industry.

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  1. Conflict arises from bad public policy that allows suits to gain benefits from legalization while cannabis activists get shut out of the legal market.
  2. By working together to overcome inept public policy, stoners and suits can create a thriving and inclusive cannabis industry.
  3. Building trust and collaborating is a better alternative than fighting another drug war using law enforcement and prohibitionary tactics.



Andrew DeAngelo, President, DeAngelo Brothers Productions LLC

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