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Space Gold Rush


In 1849, James Marshall discovered gold at Sutter’s Mill, sparking a surge of gold-seekers in California and the rise of massive industries in rail and shipping. But today, innovative entrepreneurs aren’t looking to the West for the next “Gold Rush,” but to the sky. A host of voices in fields as diverse as finance to astrophysics have predicted that Earth’s first trillionaires will be minted in space through asteroid mining, 3D printing, and satellite servicing. When will the generation of 2049-ers take to the stars, and how will the Space Rush change our world and our lives?

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  1. What commercial opportunities are real and which ones are unlikely in the global race to build a trillion dollar space company?
  2. What skills and technologies are we building for our planet that we can re-purpose for great commercial potential in space?
  3. Can we really mine asteroids for billions of dollars of precious metals? Are they worth it?


  • Loren Grush, Senior Science Reporter, The Verge
  • Alexander Macdonald, Chief Economist and ISS National Lab Program Executive, NASA
  • Joe Landon, Vice President, Advanced Programs Development, Commercial Civil Space, Lockheed Martin
  • Daniel Suarez, Author, Delta-v


Jed Shein, Director, Strategic Initiatives and Partnerships, Aerospace Industries Association

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