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Film Distribution in an Increasingly Digital Age


In an increasingly digital age, filmmakers must identify new and effective ways to reach consumers especially during a time when the longstanding festival premiere and theater-release models are being disrupted. As VOD and SVOD platforms are flooded with submissions, and platforms shift to predominantly originals programming, filmmakers are being forced to identify new ways to sell their work, market their projects and reach viewers. With these changes comes a shift in power structure within the film distribution and discovery process while also opening more doors for audiences to learn about, and access, independent film projects.

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  1. Insight from industry leaders on what emerging practices and technologies exist to support filmmakers in their release process
  2. Ways in which the film industry has shifted in response to the pandemic including the process of releasing and accessing films
  3. The lasting effects of the film industry's shift to predominantly digital consumption and how and why it will change the film industry forever



Robert Coppola Schwartzman, Filmmaker/Founder, Utopia films and Altavod

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