SXSW 2021

Theatre, AR & the Future of Live Performances


We need the arts now more than ever. Lockdowns across the world have decimated the theatre and live venue industries. Small and medium venues especially are in desperate need of assistance in connecting to audiences. This discussion brings together leaders in AR, immersive theatre and academic experts to explore the future of live performances. Sharing learnings from an ongoing experiment, the speakers will explore how technology can help provide a lifeline to the arts industry and how these learnings can be applied to other sectors. The technology tested in this experiment will provide a prototype to allow, not just those who have access to expensive technology, but anyone with a mobile device to capture engaging performances and live stream them in AR to audiences around the world.

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  1. How can we help provide a lifeline to the arts and live entertainment industries?
  2. How can we use readily accessible technology to democratise immersive performance?
  3. What does the future of live performance look like in a post-Covid world?



Sophia Whitehead, Head Of Marketing, Nexus Studios

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