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SXSW 2021

The Holy Trinity of Dev & Design Collaboration

argodesign, a product design consultancy working around the globe, was just digging into the development of a visualization tool for DreamWorks when COVID-19 hit. Knowing we’d have to collaborate remotely between Austin, Amsterdam, Los Angeles, and Kiev, the team designed a collaboration process that could work across 11 time zones. A robust and confident combination of Jira, Figma, and Storybook made it all possible, providing an operating system for our design, a QA and documentation resource for development, and guaranteeing a single source of truth between both. We now have a tightly integrated process between these entities and the live app, setting us up with a strong foundation and framework as we begin even more projects within DreamWorks.

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  1. How to keep a remote team of designers & developers in sync, managing changes & QA through a single backlog.
  2. How to keep a client engaged and invested, without giving in to the desire to create a “screen first” approach.
  3. How to adhere to an incredibly high degree of precision, both in the design and development, while spread out across the world.



Carla Cook, Content Strategist, Argodesign

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