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SXSW 2021

Seeing Cosmic Origins- NASA’s James Webb Space Telescope

This year NASA will launch its next great telescope, the James Webb Space Telescope, into space. This cosmic time machine built, tested, and assembled by NASA (partnering with the European Space Agency and the Canadian Space Agency) will be the largest and most complex space telescope ever to launch into space and an engineering feat like no other. As the scientific successor to the beloved Hubble Space Telescope and 100x more powerful, Webb, will look back 13.5 billion years to explore uncharted territories in the first epoch of galaxy formation--a part of our universe never seen before. Webb will also have the amazing capability to study exoplanet atmospheres in unprecedented detail. The tennis-court sized observatory is designed to answer some of humankind’s most puzzling questions.

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  1. Experience behind-the-scenes stories of how this mission will overcome adversity to launch into space this year.
  2. Learn from a team of experts how Webb will answer questions like- How did the universe form? Is our solar system unique? Are we alone?
  3. See how Webb will harness cutting-edge technology to push the boundaries of innovation and herald a new era of science.


  • Kenny Harris, Senior Project Engineer, NASA
  • Amber Straughn, Astrophysicist, NASA
  • Knicole Colón, Webb Exoplanet Scientist, NASA
  • Stefanie Milam, JWST Deputy Project Scientist for Planetary Science, NASA


Laura Betz, Webb Communications Team Lead, NASA

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