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Is it possible to raise great talents from the most vulnerable areas in a city? How can we use arts and technology for project-based learning? From the outskirts of Brazil, we bring lessons from two award-winning educational laboratories: NAVE and Oi Kabum! Lab. Focused on youths from low-income urban areas in Brazil, these initiatives focus on students’ autonomy, critical thinking and social involvement. Its open source methodologies will be launched @SXSW20 ready to be applied at your school.

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  1. Bring home NAVE's open source methodologies - an e-book describing our project-based learning methods, ready to be applied at your school
  2. Understand how to guide students' projects based on interests, purpose, and your community’s needs, increasing social mobility in vulnerable areas
  3. Get inspired by the testimonial of two former students of NAVE and Oi Kabum! - a award winning artist and youngster working with innovation



Ana Helena Salgado, Planning Manager, Oi Futuro

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