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Building Social Capital @Scale Through Internships

Across the United States there is momentum building to provide high-school-aged students opportunities to engage in interest-driven career exploration including internships. These experiences contribute to progress in academic skills, vocational readiness, and development of social capital known to support successful entry in post-secondary education and work. Come learn from leading examples in the field who are demonstrating early success implementing a variety of programs at regional scale.

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  1. An introduction to the logistical and operational challenges to scaling internships; panelists share successful strategies and tools to overcome them.
  2. Gain understanding of necessary modifications to school design & scheduling that support student interest-driven internship learning experiences.
  3. Knowledge of the pre-existing contextual factors, introductory process, and key performance indicators that correlate to successful implementation.



Andrew Frishman, Co-Executive Director, Big Picture Learning

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