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Transforming Austin ISD Through Personalization

Learn about how (x) school in Austin ISD has transformed their school model by deeply engaging in Highlander Institute's Pathways to Personalization framework. Hear from local district administrators, principals, teachers, parents, students, and community members about forming a design team, crafting a shared vision, and the pilot initiatives that are currently underway at the school.

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  1. Learn about Highlander Institute's Pathways to Personalization Framework, which guides districts and schools through the change management process.
  2. Learn how to select a Lead Change Agent to guide the school redesign, build a design team, and select early adopter teachers to pilot new initiatives.
  3. Learn about the priorities and vision of Austin ISD and how they adapted the framework to fit their local context.


  • Shawn Rubin, Highlander Institute
  • Kara O'Connell, Highlander Institute
  • Vera DeJesus, Highlander Institute


Roshni Lakhi, Program Mgr, Highlander Institute

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