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Pathways to Personalization: School Redesign

Everyone is rethinking schools right now. The movement toward increased personalization is gaining momentum, but many leaders don’t know where to begin or how to scale practices beyond early pilots. This session will help school leaders design & scale personalized learning initiatives across a school/district by diving into Highlander Institute’s linear framework for guiding school redesign, which helps determine readiness, create a vision, launch & evaluate pilots, and scale best practices.

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  1. Learn best practices for determining readiness for school or district blended and personalized learning initiatives.
  2. Learn strategies for forming design teams, creating a pilot vision, selecting early adopter teachers, launching pilot classrooms, & evaluating impact.
  3. Design localized continuous improvement processes for pilots and plan for the scaling and replication of compelling pilot practices.


  • Shawn Rubin, Highlander Institute


Roshni Lakhi, Program Mgr, Highlander Institute

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