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Getting Students Career Ready with Design Thinking

Are you an educator working to ready students to succeed in the future? How can you when the 21st-century workplace is continuously evolving? Design thinking may offer a way forward. Gain tips for helping students thrive in the global workforce from a panel of international design educators. Come learn specific strategies for leveraging design thinking to help drive employability and career readiness for the next generation while democratizing access to design and cultivating new talent.

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  1. Incorporate design thinking in education to drive self-directed learning and the ability to construct knowledge as skills for future success.
  2. Use design thinking, or human-centered design, to help students discover the influence of culture and diversity in problem-solving.
  3. Draw on design thinking concepts to help students balance ambiguity with empathy, setting the stage for leadership in a rapidly evolving workplace.



Cristina Mateo, Executive Director, IE School of Architecture and Design

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