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Expand Internationally While Keeping the Brand DNA

In retail more than any industry, listening to your customer’s needs is critical, especially in a globalized and hyper competitive world.However, no matter how strong your brand is, brand awareness is key. Making it in Europe doesn’t necessary means being big in the US. Hence brands need to be able to adapt their messaging in order to meet customer’s expectations.
So how do you find the balance between remaining true to your brand DNA and listening / adapting to a different market/target?


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  1. Being able to find your go to market strategy and find the product market fit depending on your market
  2. Understand what are your non negociable that will enable you to keep your brand DNA while being able to be comprehensive to another consuming habits.
  3. Improve your customer journey by being able to understand fastly adapt to their needs


  • Beatriz Zeno, Chief Operating Officer USA, Sézane
  • Frederic Levy, CEO & President, Coravin


Charlotte Cornu, Startup Advisor, Business France

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