SXSW 2020

Tech Creatives: Future of the Innovation Economy


The future of a thriving innovation economy is not merely dependent on coders, but rather intersectional cultural creators. Many of the current technology occupations will eventually be automated, but creatives will not. Creativity has always fueled breakthrough innovative products, driving the economy forward. Historically, Black and Brown creatives have led mainstream American culture through music, social media, and technology. Still rarely do these creatives receive attribution for their creative, cultural, and innovative productions. These cultural and technological creatives are looking to change the status quo by using their lived experiences and perspectives to build tech innovations that are changing the face of tech.

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  1. Understand the history of Black and Brown cultural and creative productions shaping American culture.
  2. Learn how a lack of attribution to cultural productions by people of color creates a US narrative of innovation that lacks representation.
  3. Deepen awareness of strategies and tactics employed by grassroots leaders that are working collaboratively to change representation and narratives.



Meghna Mahadevan, ILab Program manager, Kapor Center

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  • Event: SXSW
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