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SXSW 2020

Leveling the Playing Field in XR

Professional-level, highly physical training and competitions are rife with the potential for injury. With a small mis-step, or an accidental shift, a person can be out for a game, a season, or their entire career—all for the sake of practice. Pre-Game Prep was created to help reduce and mitigate the risk of injury—bodily or concussive—during non-critical training.

The experience with professional football teams taught us that sports arenas weren’t the only Mixed Reality arenas. With an iterative and lean approach, we can re-skin football fields to become buildings, uniforms to become first responder gear, and the end zone to became a secure site. With this approach in mind, we’ll show how you can learn from our efforts to meet your own XR needs, without starting over for every context.

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  1. How to use a scalable ecosystem to adapt to different experiences to benefit a variety of professions and industries.
  2. How to use augmented reality to train people for hostile and dangerous situations in a safe and secure manner.
  3. The benefit of training based on an augmented reality platform and the results such a platform can provide.



Russ Unger, Senior Director, Service Experience, U.Group

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  • Event: SXSW
  • Format: Presentation
  • Track: XR
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  • Level: Intermediate
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