SXSW 2020

Explicit Intimacy: Sex as the New Frontier in Film


Erotic cinema, especially erotic cinema that incorporates explicit imagery into sex scenes, is nearly completely quarantined in the indie film world. For example, out of more than 8000 film festivals and screening events on FilmFreeway, only 25 mention that they accept erotic subject material. Not even half of 1%! Yet there’s a lush underground of ground-breaking modern erotic film which is aesthetically challenging, full of sexual diversity, and a hugely refreshing break from the clichés of sex and gender that pervade mainstream lovescenes just as much as they pervade the “adult” industry’s images. In this presentation, I screen several clips from the luminaries of this genre, and aim to highlight just what riches the festivals, video platforms, distribution channels are missing out on.

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  1. There are brilliant explicit erotic films out there that most people have never seen.
  2. These films have educational and emancipatory value for our society.
  3. We all can help break down this harmful artificial barrier between “sex film” and “real film” via practical tactics I can share.



Jennifer Lyon Bell, Director/owner, Blue Artichoke Films

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