SXSW 2020

From Fantasy To Film: Erotic Movie Design WORKSHOP


What makes a sex scene great? The best way to learn is to try and design your own. Everyone interested in cinema, from newbies through seasoned film professionals, can enjoy this intro to erotic filmmaking. In this unique workshop, Jennifer strives to create a safe, non-judgmental environment where you can explore your ideas and creativity. She gives psychology exercises to unearth your erotic imagination and help you decide what you’d personally love to see on film, no matter how soft or hard. She walks you through various erotic genres and styles to help you choose the aesthetics of how you want to express your idea. Finally, you’ll walk out with your own storyboard to take home. Not only will you learn about sexual cinema, you might learn something about yourself. (Workshop, 2 hours)

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  1. Filmmaker education, via film school training or on-the-job learning, rarely includes advice on portraying sex in a unique and meaningful way.
  2. In erotic cinema, as in all cinema, the key to creating a powerful and engaging depiction is imbuing it with the honesty of your own lived experience.
  3. Whether you actually ever make a movie or not, the process of designing a sexual film helps you understand the complexity of sexual representation.



Jennifer Lyon Bell, Director/owner, Blue Artichoke Films

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