Teacher Talk: Fostering Media Savvy Students


Young people face challenges in the digital world previously unheard of: misinformation, cyberbullying, personal data mining, and more. How can educators prepare them to be informed, engaged, media literate citizens? In this panel, hear from three educators who are having an impact on student’s digital lives. Explore how they prepare students to “read” (or analyze) media and “write” (or produce) media in their classrooms and resources that they used to develop media literacy teaching skills.

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  1. Ideas for bringing infographics, images and other multimedia projects into instruction and student learning contexts.
  2. Strategies and inspiring examples of how students are developing media literacy expertise in classroom contexts across the curriculum.
  3. Practical resources from organizations supporting educators and students in developing media literacy skills in a variety of learning contexts.



Rik Panganiban, Online Learning Manager, KQED Education

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