Teaching Digital Skills to the Next Generation


The benefits of learning coding are well-known in an increasingly digital world. However, we need to do more than just provide the technology: we need to take responsibility and teach how to create a civil, and empathetic online community. This session will bring academics and childhood specialists together to discuss why edtech should include digital civility, and the importance of implementing a STEM curriculum with a focus on soft skills to empower students to navigate online experiences.

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  1. What are the benefits of teaching online civility in parallel with STEM? Why should they be linked? How can educators draw a link between the two?
  2. Discuss how we can help the next generation design not just for safety, but for civility too in order to foster positive online experiences.
  3. Digital civility in a sometimes toxic online world is crucial - we must teach online civility to ensure growth, success, and well being of students.


  • Laura Higgins, Director of Community Safety & Digital Civility at Roblox, Roblox
  • Jordan Shapiro, Assistant professor at Temple University (Philadelphia), Senior fellow for the Joan Ganz Cooney Center at Sesame Workshop (New York), and Nonresident Fellow in the Center for Universal Education at the Brookings Institution (Washington D.C.), Temple University
  • Joy Meserve, COO, iD Tech


Rachel Ferguson, Pr, The Hatch Agency

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