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Too Much of a Good Thing: Knowing When to De-Tech

As schools implement online platforms and device-directed education, some disturbing effects are surfacing for academic performance and student health. Using the example of a 1st grader who accessed porn on his school-issued iPad, session explores unexpected consequences of screen misuse and overuse, showcases how one parent steered America's 17th-largest school system toward balanced practices in the classroom, and offers a legal strategy for parents to engage school administrators in dialogue.

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  1. Understanding how SEL can be influenced by misuse or overuse of digital devices and the research-based needs of students to learn well and be healthy.
  2. Ways to achieve balanced classrooms based on effective teacher-student interaction supplemented by selective and safe use of digital teaching tools.
  3. How parents can encourage schools to achieve balanced classrooms and ensure maximum student learning and healthy self-development.



Jenifer Joy Madden, Founder, DurableHuman.com

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