Dot Connecting: Aligning to Your Purpose


Are we in a purpose renaissance? Could mankind's most age-old burning question be the next wave of innovation? As technology has advanced to unprecedented levels so has man's need for human connection and the pursuit of a life of meaning. Learn how to identify and align to your purpose by colliding the powers and clues from head, heart, and gut. Stout explores learnings from leading experts and showcases how-to through demonstration.

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  1. Going deep to go further- Tap into the power of intuition and identify the "whispers" and clues from your past and what's all around you now.
  2. Design-Think to Purpose. Knowing is only half the battle. How to connect your dots with customized purpose picker- tools & resource to sort your data.
  3. Pushing past resistance- and inner and outer critics. Stout shows what it takes to be Stout- bold, brave and determined enough to see it through.



Christi Hester, Founder and Publisher, Stout Magazine

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  • Tags: design thinking
  • Event: EDU
  • Format: Campfire
  • Track: Leadership
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  • Level: Field Experience

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