NuVuX: Rethinking School from the Inside Out


As the world progresses further in the 21st Century with a highly collaborative, global framework, K-12 education needs to adapt to stay relevant in the space of learning for students. The era of siloed subjects still permeates across schools around the world and schools are spear-heading new initiatives to break this model from the inside out through the introduction of innovative interdisciplinary curriculum that builds on a school’s makerspace.

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  1. How a studio-based pedagogy can engage students in meaningful, open-ended learning
  2. How innovative curriculum in a makerspace or fabrication lab can affect change across a school
  3. How to engage teachers across disciplines to be engaged in creative, open-ended, and real-world inquiry with their students and become change-agents



Saba Ghole, Co-Founder, NuVu Studio

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