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SXSW 2020

Beyond the Books: DC's Libraries Foster Innovation

As public libraries across the country modernize, adapt for technology and innovate for learning, the way we think about them goes beyond the books. Washington, DC is working to identify city-hubs to offer integrated and innovative learning and development opportunities for individuals regardless of their socioeconomic background, education level, physical ability, or other factors. The re-imagination of DC Public libraries through the creation of co-working labs and maker spaces is helping the city realize the Mayor’s vision of making DC the “Capital of Inclusive Innovation.” Located across all 8 wards in DC, libraries are fostering dialogue, technology education, skills development, and entrepreneurship, while empowering all people to actively participate in an innovative ecosystem.

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  1. Why public libraries make ideal hubs for integrated and innovative learning, development programming and opportunities.
  2. As the physical built environment continues to evolve, public libraries are adapting to create an interactive and accessible experience.
  3. Share best practices for cities to create coworking labs and maker spaces to encourage thought-leadership and collaboration.



Pheniece Jones, Public Relations Dir, The Brand Guild

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  • Event: SXSW
  • Format: Panel
  • Track: Government & Politics
  • Level: Intermediate
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