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Mobile Tech Innovations for New American Workforce

How do we use smartphones to make distance learning accessible and effective for immigrant workers with limited digital literacy? What are the UX/UI and instructional strategies for converting in-person English Language instruction offered at worksites to mobile-responsive, virtual instruction? The National Immigration Forum will share learnings from innovating with large employers to create a rapidly expanding workplace program positioned to scale to thousands of adults in the next few years.

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  1. Understand UX/UI, instructional design, and technology strategies for making mLearning accessible and scalable to learners with low digital literacy.
  2. Hear the impact of mLearning on immigrant workers and employers such as proficiency and promotions, in connection to immigration advocacy strategies.
  3. Explore innovations, tools & best practices for integrating mobile learning initiatives in workforce development programming.



Jennie Murray, Director Of Integration Programs, National Immigration Forum

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