SXSW 2020

Shopper Engagement? Gamification is the Answer!


Gaming is having a moment - not just on our smartphones but in our stores. If you think retail is dead, think again. What we’re seeing instead is a complete reimagining of the way we all shop that’s not only about an increasing move to e-commerce, but to interactive moments driven by a layer of gamification. Why? A rising consumer demand for new customer experiences. Join us to hear from experts who will dive into why “play” is reshaping brand engagement strategies. We’ll be joined by shopping center Simon Malls, which is tapping into Harry Potter with gaming company Niantic; as well as a sports company focusing on new customer experiences by experimenting with tools like augmented reality; and luxury brand Kenzo which is setting consumer challenges to drive exclusive product access.

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  1. How gamification is proving one of the most successful routes to driving conversions today, and tips for how to get it right
  2. What encouraging dwell time at retail can look like through new immersive interfaces and how to win such a race
  3. Why a layer of new technologies embedded through smartphone devices is making this all the more possible today and how to capitalize on it



Rachel Arthur, Co-Founder & Chief Innovation Officer, The Current Global

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