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What do rural people need? Survey says…


The rural-urban divide has never seemed wider or more critical, drawing attention from leading businesses and organizations like Microsoft and AirBNB. How can they--and you--reach across the digital divide and get past cultural differences? It starts by understanding small town people. We asked over a thousand people what they need most, on the Survey of Rural Challenges.
For all the distress over small business lending, people say usable buildings are harder to find than loans in small towns.
Despite the media obsession with manufacturing losses, rural people are more interested in makers.
Defying the crisis of the moment pessimism, rural people are focused on solutions.
Join us for a lively, practical and non-academic discussion led by two small town business people.

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  1. Learn the top community and development challenges faced by rural people and where the market opportunities are to help them.
  2. Learn what rural business owners say their real challenges are and what services and support they most want.
  3. Learn what isn’t true of rural: which stereotyped storylines don’t actually fit what rural people say.



Becky McCray, Rural Champion, SaveYour.Town

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