SXSW 2020

F*CK Sustainability – The Future is Regeneration


“At our current trajectory, we have about 70 years of human life left on earth” Zach Bush, MD. Zach is a triple board-certified physician with a clear mission - apply the rigor of science, strength of humanity and intelligence of nature to transform the world. Independent design studio Accept & Proceed has a mission too – partner with visionaries who change the world. "Together, we can design a future where we all want to live.” - David Johnston This session will detail how we can re-conceptualise products so they’re adaptable to change and how design and communications can drive a mission to support brands and communities who want to bring about change. Being sustainable is no longer enough - it’s time for regeneration. Come and learn how you can change the trajectory.

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  1. Sustainability is not enough to save the planet. Designers, marketers and leaders must rapidly redirect their energies toward a future of regeneration
  2. Climate change won’t be solved by new technology built by an unknown genius. It’ll be fixed by a vast collective pushing innovation for regeneration.
  3. The key to ecological health is soil. We must return farmland to what it was before modern farming practices took soil’s ability to sustain organisms.



Erica Routledge, Operations Manager, Accept and Proceed Ltd

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  • Event: SXSW
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