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SXSW 2020

The Future of Cravings: AI’s Impact on Dinner

Every day, people around the world face the same dilemma: What are they going to eat? We spend hours scanning recipe sites for inspiration but there are many tedious tasks between that and actually having a meal. Do you have the ingredients? Does your local market stock what you need or an easy substitution? In an increasingly connected world, and where your smart home knows everything about you through connected devices, dinnertime doesn’t need to be so hard. Imagine if your fridge could suggest how to use zucchini, if your toilet informed AI how to make you healthier, and your phone automatically added the ingredients to your Instacart list. Learn about the future of food in which we waste less, eat healthier and make the journey from meal inspiration to the dinner table seamless.

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  1. Find out how smart home technologies and apps are converging to make your cravings an achievable dinnertime reality.
  2. Discover how AI and big data can be used to transform consumers’ everyday lives to be simultaneously more efficient and tastier.
  3. Understand the impact foodtech can have on bigger societal issues including food waste and public health.



Nick Holzherr, Head Of Whisk, Samsung NEXT

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  • Event: SXSW
  • Format: Focus15
  • Track: Fantastic Future
  • Level: Intermediate
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