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"These Kids" and Other Coded Conversations

How often have you heard adults talk about “these kids”, as in “that would never work for these kids” or “these kids don’t know how to behave”? What mindsets hide behind these coded comments, and how can we engage productively? In this campfire session, participants will define their own terms of engagement for addressing coded language, and discuss how tools and frameworks can be used in tough conversations. We’re not experts but we feel strongly that this conversation has a place at SXSWEdu.

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  1. Reflect and define personal terms of engagement for addressing coded and discriminatory language in schools.
  2. Explore different tools and frameworks for engaging in conversations with adults about equity, bias, and oppression.
  3. Discuss the usefulness of these tools and participate in a participant-driven conversation about issues of equity in our school systems.



Maria Morrisson Copolillo, Design Principal, Education Elements

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