Going Global: World Wide Education


Delivery of education and related services is being disrupted and transformed. Educators who want to remain relevant in the future must make the shift now. This panel of experts will explore web-based classrooms, as well as blockchain other technologies poised to deliver education and credential verification more efficiently, effectively and less expensively. and its impact on the future education and the students we educate. The future is now.

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  1. Strategies to successfully build and monitor/teach an online class (with an emphasis on higher education)
  2. How to use digital badges, microcredential options, and blockchain-based tools to maintain and verify credentials
  3. How to integrate other non-traditional web-based tools and strategies in your educational prep and delivery strategies



Tonya Evans, Associate Dean of Academic Affairs and Director of UNH Law Blockchain Certificate Program, UNH Franklin Pierce School of Law

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