SXSW 2020

Blockchain: The Recipe For a Smarter Food Supply


In the US, 40% of all food is wasted, costing businesses $200B. That’s not the only issue. Seafood products are overharvested. Growing and delivering produce involves complex sourcing and operational inefficiencies. Defining and knowing quality is difficult. The industry needs a way to establish trust across all who touch and transport food—from grower to consumer. Enter blockchain.

Blockchain solutions enable transparency and consistency by securely sharing information across the food value chain. By acting on insights from this data, organizations can drive sales, save money, and better mitigate risk by enhancing food traceability, quality, and freshness. Join us to learn why blockchain is a unique solution and how it helps deliver safe, higher quality food and greater business value.

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  1. An understanding of why blockchain is a unique solution—in particular for transforming the food industry
  2. See how blockchain helps define what quality means
  3. Learn how we can use information from blockchain to change the way we work



Victoria Phillips, Manager, Communications, Deloitte

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